About us

We are the second largest European operator and seller of highly comfortable and safe CIRRUS Aircraft. Read our company’s story and get to know our team.


To always work as a reliable partner for our customers and offer them state-of-the-art products and services of the highest quality


To lead the global aviation sector by shaping the future, maintaining operational power and recognizing the employer of choice.


Vision, integrity, passion, trust, innovation and safety.

  • 2015
    Foundation of Cirrus Aircraft CZ s.r.o.
  • 2016
    Audit and subsequent certification of the Platinum Cirrus Training Center
  • 2017
    „2nd best seller outside the North American market for 2017“ award
  • 2018
    Largest operator of Cirrus Aircraft in Europe

Our team

Ing. Dobroslav Chrobák
Ing. Dobroslav Chrobák
Director of the company
Company director and sales manager since 2010, Dobroslav Chrobák, is a devoted and passionate aviator with more than 25 years of full flight and business hours. He has a total of 4,000 flight hours on a diverse range of aircraft, of which 1,500 were in Cirrus Aircraft. He is a flight instructor qualified for IFR training and a holds standardized pilot certificate - instructor from manufacturer of Cirrus Platinum CSIP (Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot) aircraft manufacturer. He is also the ATO Cirrus Aircraft training officer and Cirrus Training Center instructor. He flies more than 20 aircraft types, including gliders, aerobatic aircrafts and towing aircraft. The largest and fastest aircraft he has piloted is the Aero L39 Albatros. In January 2015, he receved the Best Seller Outside the North American Market award, THE BEST ISC SALES PERSON 2014 award, for the very successful year of 2014, and QUOTA CLUB 2014 for exceeding the plan by 450%. In January 2018, he received The Best Cirrus Sales Agent of 2017 award, as well as an award for exceeding the quota in 2017.
Katarína Hlavačková
Katarína Hlavačková
She has been part of the enthusiastic team since 2016, when she worked for Cirrus as a trainee during her university studies. After graduating from the University of Žilina in the field of Air Transport and receiving her qualifications, she became a corporate and safety pilot. Today she has nearly 1000 flight hours in Cirrus Aircraft. She is also safety manager of an approved training organization; she helps ensure the smooth operation of the organization and with fine-tuning the details of all training.
Kristýna Lantorová
Kristýna Lantorová
Administrative specialist
Administration specialist Kristýna Lantorová has been with the company since its inception, and she is responsible for its administration, including invoicing.
Jitka Horáčková
Office Manager
Office Manager Jitka Horáčková has been a member of the Cirrus team since 2017, and she helps with all administration, registration of new aircraft and preparation of events.