Cirrus Generation 2 Vision Jet

311 ktas
Maximum travel speed
2 727 kg
Takeoff weight
9448 m
Service ceiling
620 m
496 m
Number of passengers
Price from:

Generation 2 Vision Jet

The Personal Jet. Defined.

Uncompromising safety

Like every Cirrus Aircraft, the vision jet is designed with the occupants in mind. An abundance of design Features and innovative systems combine to provide the ultimate level of safety for the pilot and the Passengers. Your vision jet redefines safety – from the confidence of a turbine engine and the added Convenience of autothrottle, to our uncompromising dedication to training and the revolutionary Cirrus Airframe Parachute System® (CAPS®).

Cirrus Airframe Parachute System®

The parachute system is designed to protect passengers. In the event of an emergency, the CAPS handle located in the cockpit ceiling will activate the parachute. The solid rocket fires and removes the hatch at the rear of the fuselage where the entire system is located. After that, the straps are released from the fuselage and within a few seconds a parachute of 20 meters in diameter develops. The impact of the aircraft is slowed down by a parachute, it is absorbed by a specialized landing gear, a rigid-roll cage that ensures cabin strength even when overturned, and Cirrus seats with CEAT technology that certifies seats up to 26G horizontal loading. The role of the system is to save the crew and passengers, not the aircraft.

This should be viewed as the last option to survive in a situation without a solution, such as pilot incapacitation, loss of control in flight, or structural damage to the airplane itself, mid-air collision with another aircraft, or engine power loss at night or over a hostile country without the possibility of an emergency landing. The CAPS system is not intended as the primary engine power loss solution.

Total Safety

Safety has been fundamental to innovation at Cirrus Aircraft since the beginning. Now, we’ve added a bold new layer to our suite of safety features – the Safe Return™ emergency autoland system – allowing passengers to land the Vision Jet with the simple touch of a button in an emergency situation.

The combination of Safe Return with the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System® (CAPS®) provides the ultimate level of safety and assurance, exclusively available in the Vision Jet™.

Stall barrier system

The Electronic Stability & Protection (ESP) system passively and unobtrusively corrects unusual flight attitudes. It assists without distracting the pilot or degrading the flight experience. It enhances situational awareness with maximum and minimum airspeed alerts, should the aircraft approach an unsafe operating speed. Paired with the Angle of Attack indicator, the stick shaker provides a tactile, pre-stall warning by vibrating the side stick, while a stick pusher automatically “pushes” the stick forward to correct low airspeed conditions. And if your Vision Jet is equipped with optional Autothrottle, power is automatically added. With a shake and a push, automated ESP supports the pilot and prevents the aircraft from entering a stalled condition.

Turbine engine confidence

The turbine powerplant looks, sounds and feels like raw power. From pressurization to electrical power to anti-icing and more, the engine is the heart of the airplane in so many ways. Cirrus Aircraft also acknowledges the importance for a reputation in reliability. This is why we have partnered with Williams International, the world leader in small turbine engines.

Cirrus Approach Training System

Every safe and successful takeoff and landing can be traced back to a previous learning interaction, either from an instructor, on a practice flight, in a ground school, or even manipulating the controls in a simulator or personal computer. At Cirrus Aircraft, we see each interaction as an opportunity to create the safest pilot possible. And to have the greatest impact on learning, the training must be impactful and of the highest quality. In that spirit, we developed Cirrus Approach™, an innovative training product designed to standardize and streamline the training experience in every Cirrus aircraft.

Smart technology

To to sense the world around you, to gather information. Now use touch to effortlessly access and control information. This is more than just modern avionics - this is Cirrus Perspective Touch™ by Garmin®. For nearly a decade, Cirrus Perspective® by Garmin® has been the industry standard in technically-advanced, general aviation avionics. Cirrus Perspective Touch follows suit as an innovative, user-friendly aircraft interface. More integrated and capable than traditional off-the-shelf products, Perspective Touch is designed around the pilot experience, providing a seamless connection to the airframe and environment.

Flight displays

Perspective Touch+ brings higher resolution and faster processing speeds to the already expansive widescreen 14-inch flight displays. Featuring split screen technology, the displays provide room for three separate vertical panes and the Engine Indication System (EIS) strip to be displayed simultaneously. The dedicated Multi-function Display allows the pilot to easily monitor integrated aircraft system synoptics: Engine & Fuel, Electrical Power, Environmental, Ice Protection, Landing Gear and General Status/Information. The added flexibility of Perspective Touch+ allows you to view various system synoptics – checklists, weather radar, moving map, traffic and more – all at once. And Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT™) provides a “virtual reality” perspective of ground and water features, as well as obstacles and other traffic, giving you a realistic visual depiction of your surroundings

Touchscreen controllers

Revolutionizing the cockpit, again. Each landscape touchscreen controller is positioned to simplify interaction between the pilot and the aircraft through the intuitive layout and reduction of clutter. Responsive, icon-identified “touchkeys” make functions easy to locate, while shallow menus allow quick inputs without getting lost in the software. The addition of a third touchscreen controller enables a dedicated point of contact to control the audio/intercom system without interrupting the progression of another task. If you prefer a more manual approach, the dual knobs can be used in lieu of the touchscreen to enter frequencies or toggle among functions. It’s touch, with a twist.

Digital autopilot

Supreme accuracy. Building on smart servo technology, the fully digital, dual-channel Automated Flight Control System (AFCS) delivers precise lateral and vertical navigation guidance for each phase of flight. Commanding the architecture of each flight component with an ergonomic and thoughtfully placed mode controller, the autopilot also incorporates the industry-first Blue Level Button, a Cirrus Aircraft standard since 2008. This active safety feature gives the pilot a “time out” if momentarily distracted or disoriented. This is flight deck automation you can appreciate, especially at the flight levels.

Innovative features

The VisionJet® defines the Personal Jet category. Rightfully so, it has the most advanced flight deck in the world. The Vision Jet is outfitted with two high-resolution flight displays and is designed with three landscape touchscreen controllers to truly optimize turbine aircraft operations. The controllers present a familiar, intuitive interface, providing pilots quick access to detailed flight and systems information across a bright, panoramic display. No other flight deck offers this level of integration and capability, delivered in such a clean and ergonomic cockpit layout.

Real-time weather

Informed decisions. The real-time Weather Radar scans both vertically and horizontally to give the pilot an immediate and precise weather avoidance tool. Advanced solid-state transmitter technology makes it easy for the pilot to identify storm tops and gradients; while altitude compensated tilt (ACT) automatically adjusts the beam angle as altitude changes, helping to reduce pilot workload. Plus, Weather Attenuated Color Highlight (WATCH™) predictive software can identify areas beyond the radar’s range that may contain even more hazardous areas of precipitation. Additionally, by crossreferencing with global data-link weather on the moving map, the pilot benefits from a composite view of evolving weather conditions both near and far.


Progressive alerts. Are you approaching the right runway? Do you know the distance remaining? Is that the correct taxiway? Dynamically enhance your situational awareness both in the air and on the ground as the aircraft enters and moves through the airport environment. Textual advisories are continuously updating the aircraft location and cyan chevrons highlight the correct runway. Most importantly, urgent alerts like “RWY TOO SHORT” or “CHECK RUNWAY” offer an additional cue to improper position.

Situational awareness

Tactical advantage. Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT) seamlessly blends aircraft position with 3D topographic images, while the Class B Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS) provides caution and warning alerts both visually and audibly. In addition to these capabilities, the “forward-looking” terrain avoidance system warns the pilot of numerous hazards including premature and excessive rates of descent, negative climb rate or altitude loss after takeoff.

Traffic avoidance

Eye in the sky. A high performance traffic system — designed for jet speeds — scans distances of 80nm and detects up to 75 targets within 10,000-foot vertical separation. The added course trend vectors help identify and track specific aircraft flight trajectories with much greater precision, while safety measures such as ATC-like aural alerts (“Traffic, Three o’clock, Same Altitude, Two Miles”) allow the pilot to keep heads up scanning for traffic in congested areas.

Payload management

Smart Loading. The Weight and Balance synoptic pages make every input easy and accurate. Every gallon of fuel, seat occupied and bag stowed can be accounted for in the center of gravity calculation. This data can also be viewed on a flight display pane as a summary list, loading graphic and/or station weight calculation.

Leading-edge touchscreen technology

Designed around you. The sunlight-readable high-resolution color displays use a grid of infrared beams to determine the location of your touch, for faster and more responsive data entry — even in turbulence. Additionally, each touchscreen placement gives the pilot an unobstructed view to access aircraft systems, radios and flight planning without straining. Pan and zoom.

VA pop-up touchpad page on the touchscreen controller gives pilots control of the map pointer on the moving map, allowing for faster and easier identification of airspace and airport information. Navigate and control the moving map with simple finger gestures.

Fingertip Control. The icon-based user interface on the touchscreen controllers presents pilots with the same understanding they have with their smartphones and tablet devices by including the optional QWERTY keyboard layout. The full keyboard makes data entry more efficient thus eliminating the “hunt” for the right key during a critical phase of flight.

Perspective Touch+ — embracing the spirit of innovation and technology.

The personal jet defined

The Vision® Jet is the culmination of enthusiastic and relentless innovation. As the world’s first Personal Jet™, the Vision Jet excels in performance and is simple to fly. It’s easy to own and operate. And it’s a joy to travel in, as a pilot and as a passenger. With the Vision Jet, we ushered in a new era of personal transportation. An era where jet speed, jet comfort and jet convenience are accessible. And after winning numerous accolades and awards – including the Robert J. Collier Trophy – we are just getting started.

Transformative luxury cabin

Designed around the largest cabin in its class, the uniquely constructed carbon fiber fuselage creates spaciousness, with unexpected head and shoulder room. And panoramic windows provide an immersive experience for everyone in the cabin. Modular seating adds versatility to the cabin – accommodating up to five adults and two children. Family seating features three cabin seats with two optional child seats, while Executive Seating offers two luxuriously bolstered seats and a center console. Each seat can easily be moved, giving you the added flexibility to tailor the cabin configuration to your needs.

Performance & specifications

The Vision Jet is a breakthrough in personal aviation. It goes faster: 300+ KTAS cruising speed. It goes farther: over 1,200 nm. It carries more payload: up to five adults and two children. But the remarkable achievement is that you can have this level of jet performance in a true personal aircraft that doesn’t require an entire flight operations department to fly and maintain it.

Perspective touch+™

One of the many hallmarks of Cirrus Aircraft innovation is our constant improvement of the flight experience – and Cirrus Perspective Touch+™ by Garmin® leads the way. Perspective Touch+™ enhances the revolutionary flight deck experience first introduced on the Vision Jet with faster hardware, adding speed and space for future upgrades. And Intelligent Batteries ensure improved cold start capabilities and a simplified electrical system. You will enjoy faster start up, better screen resolution, faster panning and faster scrolling. And that’s just the beginning.

Inteligent automation

Autothrottle brings added sophistication to your Generation 2 Vision Jet, by allowing you to program your entire flight profile, including climbs and descents. Like using cruise control in your car, Autothrottle controls your airspeed with the push of a single button so you can navigate a busy terminal environment during your approach. And the added convenience of Surface Watch increases your situational awareness of the airport environment so you can better anticipate your arrival. The intelligent automation in the Vision Jet opens up a whole new flight of possibilities.

Elevated capabilities

Every travel mission is unique. From passenger and gear loads to weather changes and distances, the Vision Jet adapts to your specific travel needs. With Generation 2, an expanded flight envelop to FL310 broadens your options. Increase your range to over 1,200nm or choose to carry an additional 150lbs on an 800nm mission. And with Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) capability, your Vision Jet can fly efficiently navigate higher flight levels. It’s one more way to experience The Cirrus Life™, at jet speed.

Flight range

Maximum cruise speed approx 300 KTAS, in FL310, consumption 65 US Gal per hour. The range data are for informative purposes only, range depends on many parameters and these data are not binding.

Change place of takeoff by dragging the map

Technical specification

Length 9.42 m
Height 3.32 m
Wing span 11.79 m
Cabin width 156 cm
Cabin height 124 cm
Payload 1 134 kg
Takeoff 620 m
Landing 496 m
Service ceiling 9 448 m
Maximum travel speed 311 KTAS

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