Why Cirrus

Cirrus contains four safety features in its aircraft: Aerodynamics and other passive functions can help protect you from inattention or distraction; situational awareness and the stress reduction feature help reduce workload and help you pay the attention that the flight requires. If you lose control of CAPS, a parachute can help, and if it really ends with an accident, the durable construction will help protect you against injuries.

01 The safest aircraft in its class

Cirrus is the only aircraft in its General Aviation category that offers a high standard of safety equipment and a large number of optional features that further enhance safety.


Life-saving equipment if the pilot loses control of the aircraft.


Seats designed for a load of up to 26G will keep you in place and cushion most of the impact.




Airbags located in the safety belts are used to cushion the impact.


Fully digital autopilot Garmin is an automated flight control system that provides accurate lateral and vertical guidance for each flight phase.


ESP also helps protect you during manual control, from falling, exceeding the speed limit or other loss of control.

Number of accidents per 100,000 flight hours

GA data from Department of Transporation. Cirrus data calculated from Air Safety Accident count and Sustaining Engineering fleet hour calculations. Recent events may contain preliminary data

Effect of the Cirrus Perspective system:

less accidents
less fatal accidents

02 Modern design & innovative technology

One of the basic features of the Cirrus Aircraft, currently produced in three basic series, is to provide safety and comfort that is fully comparable to luxury cars. As the only manufacturer, it offers an entirely new level of safety that does not exist in aviation in any travel or sport aircraft.

Cuffed wing

Cirrus selected wing technology developed by NASA, which reduces the potential of spiralling when unintentionally falling.


The current SR22 and SR22T models are available with an anti-icing system.

Obstacle warning

The terrain awareness and warning system (eTAWS) provides both visual and audible warnings.

Weather in real time

Animated satellite weather provides an accurate, comprehensive picture of the weather, enabling the pilot to make immediate, safe decisions.

LED lighting

Cult end arc lighting Spectra™ provides an automatic "glow" function or pulsating "wig-wag" to maximize daytime and night visibility.

Smart seat solution

The innovative rear seat split in a 60/40 ratio provides a new dimension of utility and versatility.

Improved visibility

Optional installation of an infrared camera enables increasing visibility by up to three times in conditions such as haze, rain and night.

Easy communication

he satellite phone allows you to make calls and send and receive text messages during a flight


The system increases situational awareness both in the air and on the ground when the aircraft enters or passes through the airport.

03 We don’t just sell

We are the largest operator of Cirrus Aircraft in Europe with a wealth of experience. We not only sell Cirrus Aircraft, we also provide other related services.

We will teach you to fly

Our flight instructors have a high standard of skills to make your training fast, efficient and safe. It doesn‘t matter whether you are a seasonal pilot who wants to pilot the Cirrus Aircraft, or whether you dream about flying a technically advanced aircraft.

We take care of the aircraft

We provide hangars, handling, refueling, aircraft washing and cleaning. We provide periodic avionic upgrades, documentation filing and routine maintenance. We will prepare the aircraft according to your requirements in the specified time.

We provide financing

If you don't want to weigh your company's cash flow down. Or you are comfortable with monthly payments, take advantage of the financing or a form of finance lease, which we can help you to provide.

We provide aircraft without waiting time.

Don’t wait for your airplane aircraft to arrive. After signing the order, you can use aircraft from our fleet.

We can provide a safety pilot

You don’t have a pilot license or sufficient experience? Are you afraid of flying abroad? We can provide a qualified, experienced safety pilot.

Aircraft capacity utilization

Don't you fly enough hours? We offer contracted aircraft utilization and use your airplane for our demonstration or training flights in our Cirrus Training Center.

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